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Some important questions to ask at jewelry store before purchasing the engagement ring

Your jeweller has the best knowledge as far as gold, silver, diamond, and other such metals and gemstones are concerned. When you visit a jewelry store to purchase an engagement ring, a jeweller can provide you with invaluable guidance and advice. However, choosing the right jewelry store is in itself a big task; after all, you will be making a huge investment for one of the most memorable days of your life. To make sure that your engagement ring is the right one, you need to ask certain questions which are mentioned below.

1. What is the source from which you get diamonds? You must not hesitate in asking this question at a jewelry store. Knowing about the source of your diamonds is very important to make sure that there are no shortcomings. A good jeweller will know all about the source of diamond and will not face any difficulty in explaining the same to you.

2. Can you tell me about your return, warranty, and exchange policies? We can understand your excitement and confusion in buying an engagement ring. You might get tempted to buy a ring just by falling for its looks. However, we recommend you to make sure that all the other things are in order before going on to purchase the ring. Nobody looks at it this way, but asking about return, warranty, and exchange policies is a must before making the payment. Also, you must go through the terms of warranty thoroughly.

3. Do the diamonds come with certificates? If the answer to this question is not a “yes”, you must think twice before purchasing from that particular jewelry store. A jeweller who is particular about adhering to quality standards would make sure that only diamonds with certificates are used for making the jewelry. Furthermore, gemstones do not come with a certificate but if you require it, the jeweller must be able to provide you with a grading report at an additional cost.

4. How often will the ring require cleaning and maintenance? As a rule of thumb, you should check your engagement ring thoroughly at least once every six months. Getting it cleaned from professionals at least once every year is also advised. Apart from this, different rings have different requirements. For instance, a ring with intricate details will have dirt and grime accumulation faster than the simpler ones and so, more regular checkups will be needed.

5. What are my payment options? Your engagement ring is definitely the most important piece of jewelry that you will own. You will be spending a lot of money to buy it and so, you must not go on to make the payment prior to being completely sure. You must inquire about your payment options. More often than not you will be required to pay a deposit amount at the time of booking and then you will have to make the rest of the payment when it is sized, polished, and modified as per your requirement. Alternatively, some jewellers also allow you to make payment in instalments.

These are some of the most important questions that you need to ask at a jewelry store before purchasing your engagement ring. Make sure you find a reputed and reliable jeweller to purchase from or else you will have to face unnecessary complications later on.