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Reasons To Use Spray And Injection For Your Trees

Did you know arborist is like a doctor because they give injections either in the soil or into the tree's bark itself? They use their skills to maintain, preserve, and also save the lives of healthy, diseased and trees that have suffered blight. Why might it be a good idea to give injections to Tree Service Tulsa OK trees?

One reason why a trained arborist may use soil injection is to save a tree that may be suffering from Canker or American Elm disease. By injecting the treatment directly into the soil and close to the roots, this ensures the tree will receive treatment faster and it will be more effective because the tree is getting the full strength of the treatment. The injection is not getting absorbed into the soil before it reaches the roots. This may help a diseased tree recover from canker faster.

Injection Offer Protection Against Canker Blight

It is not just the diseased trees that may need treatment. Homeowners may want to consider treatment for all their trees if they have some diseased trees. Injections may also provide treatment to pines that may get a blight that causes their needles to yellow and drop. By injecting or spraying healthy trees that are around those who have blight or canker, this will protect them from getting the same disease. Spraying may also protect trees against threats, such as bagworm and wood-boring beetles that may be attracted to fruit trees (apples, pears, peaches and other cash crops).

Injecting directly into the tree bark may help trees fight persistent diseases when all other forms of treatment have failed. Cutting and pruning of diseased limbs, knots, and spots may not work and may require a homeowner or arborist to give to trees who failed to regain their health after several treatments.

Spraying To Promote Healthy Trees And Good Growth

Spraying can help homeowners maintain and also promote healthy growth among their trees, even if they have a variety of different species. Did you know there are 60 different species of ash, for example? Why is promoting good health important? Good health in trees can help tree leaves to continue to remove pollutants from the air, such as dust, ozone, carbon monoxide and also sulfur dioxide. This is why spraying and injections are vital to helping trees on your property stay healthy and disease-free.

Having an arborist who is skilled at these types of tree services can help busy homeowners be able to maintain the highest level of protection for their tree-lined property. It may also save homeowners the later expense of having to pay for tree removal for diseased trees that are dying and have failed to respond to treatment. Prevention may also save homeowners the expense of having to pay to replace trees that die with new seedlings. Though preventative measures using a professional may cost more, it may be a fair trade-off to have a nice yard for entertaining almost year around.