Handcrafted and made-in-America furnishings and home accessories.

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Katy Skelton believes in creating beautiful products that are designed and manufactured with social responsibility in mind. We work hard to confirm that everything we make comes from a source that employs responsible manufacturing processes and ensures that their employees are paid fair wages and provided with the proper safety equipment and training. Everything in our line is made in the United States. We want you to know where our products are coming from, and we are fully committed to transparency regarding our manufacturers. Each and every piece we design is an original concept that is developed in-house with our manufacturing partner to ensure the highest quality in design and construction.

Katy Skelton Acuff has been working in the furniture industry for almost a decade. After graduating from the University of Texas, she remained in Austin to work at one of the industry’s top wholesalers. She held the position of product designer and traveled the world to visit factories and inspect samples of her designs. Katy entered graduate school in 2009 to pursue a Master of Fine Art in Furniture Design from Savannah College of Art and Design. During research for her graduate thesis, she focused on the benefits of manufacturing with factories that are committed to social responsibility. She worked with fair trade factories in India to produce a small line of wooden furnishings for her thesis show, which greatly influenced the style of her first independent collection. After completing her MFA, Katy relocated to Brooklyn, New York and opened Katy Skelton LLC.

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