May 04, 2017 5

Traveling With My Sonys

Back in 2008 when I decided to buy my first digital camera, I had no idea what I wanted. I had read in the photography magazines the the Sony A100 had been named camera of the year--so that was what I bought. I have updated a number of times through the years and recently purchased the A99II-which I feel will be the last one I will be needing! In the last 5 years I have been lucky to do some traveling from Southeast Asia, to Iceland, Norway, Europe, and the National Parks in Utah. My Sonys have been with me all the way and never let me down, providing many beautiful images and memories. The photo I pictured here was taken in Iceland, I entered it in a travel photo contest and it won me the trip to Europe--thank you Sony for your part in that. I am going to Africa in July and that is the reason for the new camera. I think that with it's fast focusing abilities that it will be just what I need. I also have the A6000 for lighter travel, a cybershot that fits neatly in my purse, and the cute pink waterproof cybershot for when things might get wet! I wish I could share more of my travel pictures here to show others the great job your cameras are capable of doing. I am excited to see where else I will be going in the future and for sure my Sonys will be going with me!

My name can be searched on flickr if interested in seeing more images from my travels and from where I live.