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2014 Purlieu Le Pich Cabernet Sauvignon

This is one of the most brilliant Cabernet buys of Wine Spectator’s “dream vintage” and a Wine Access client-favorite. Consider some of the Parker praise heaped on winemaker Julien Fayard’s Cabernets: one 98-100 point review of Fayard’s 2016 Purlieu To Kalon Beckstoffer Vineyard, Parker gushed it “just has it all. It is really a wine to diagram and analyze over and over to see what true perfection really is;” then he described Fayard’s Le Pich as “a sleeper of the vintage,” and a “generous, and irresistible” Napa Cabernet.

Add in that the 2014 Le Pich was crafted by the same hands and sourced from many of the same stellar sites as Purlieu, and the value inside this ruby bottle is crystal clear.