Jun 07, 2016 314

Threadless T-Shirt Quilt

I've been buying and wearing Threadless t-shirts for years now and have accumulated quite a collection. After much wearing and washing, shirts that no longer fit me the same go out of circulation and onto a shelf in my closet; while I no longer wear certain designs, I love them too much to simply give them away!

I often thought about what I would do with my old shirts when the idea of a t-shirt quilt came to mind. I gathered 16 of my favorites and sent them to Project Repat, and they made the quilt you see. Isn't it awesome? I gave this quilt to my best friend this past Christmas as I knew she would not only love it but recognize every shirt on there and think of some of the great times we've had together. I was right. :)

I have more than enough to make another, so expect a picture of a new Threadless quilt soon!