Feb 17, 2018 4

Few Digital Marketing Trends that will dominate in 2018

Trends keep changing every year, and digital marketing trends are no exception. With each passing day, we witness the emergence of some fascinating online marketing trends that help businesses reach the pinnacle of success. Failure to keep up with the latest digital marketing trends may prove catastrophic for your business as you may find yourself lagging behind your competitors.

Here are some of the top online marketing trends that will dominate in 2018 to help you streamline your digital marketing tactics this year:

Big Data: Unlike last few years, when big data was mostly utilized by major industry players to understand the buying behavior of consumers, 2018 will witness small as well as medium-sized businesses taking the advantage of big data analytics to convert both structured and unstructured data accumulated by them into actionable insights.

• Live Streaming Video: The trend of live streaming video will continue to dominate digital marketing Lebanon in 2018 as internet marketing by means of video can easily engage consumers. Small as well as large businesses worldwide are leveraging the power of live streaming videos to propagate their business messages such as product launches, store launches, etc., in order to attract customers. Consumers too are embracing this trend with open arms as they are showing more preference for video content over textual content.

• Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Chatbots: The trend of AI and Chatbots will continue to rule the roost in 2018. Experts have predicted that businesses will increasingly utilize AI and chatbots for handling business queries and customer support. Since it is easy to integrate AI with different digital platforms, businesses will increasingly adopt AI-powered chat support to serve their customers in a personalized manner.

Voice-enabled Search: With the emergence of speech recognition technology, voice-enabled search is taking the digital world by storm. This is why businesses are currently embracing this technology by optimizing their content for voice search. Voice-enabled search makes use of voice commands to let you search product information, news, videos, or images quickly on your computer or any mobile device.

Smartphones will Replace Desktops: As usual, smartphones will dominate the digital marketing landscape as the usage of mobile-internet will continue to exceed desktop usage this year. Thus, more and more businesses are currently building websites with cross-browser compatibility to make their sites mobile-friendly.

Influencer Marketing: Content shared by niche-influencers will continue to dominate the content marketing landscape this year. Celebrities and other influential individuals can add value to your business by creating brand awareness among their fans and followers through their tweets or posts. Thus, businesses will count more on influencer marketing as it is more effective than direct marketing and a surefire way of connecting with new audiences and generating remarkable ROI.

High-quality Content: Content will remain the king as demand for high-quality content will continue to rise and businesses will strive to provide their audiences with engaging content to meet customer requirements. At the same time, the demand for content writers with niche expertise will increase.

So these are latest trends that will transform the future of digital marketing in 2018.