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Story behind TimeStand

When we know Apple is going to release Apple Watch early this year, we know this will be a epochal product we have never had before, the most sophisticated smart watch to date. The watch will bring many people back to have the timepiece back on their wrists. However, we all know unlike the traditional watch, the Apple Watch needs to be recharged every day, so we think a stand will be necessary for people to place their timepiece when charing. After reviewing hundreds of design proposals from Tools design, we can not decide between TimeStand and Lounge Dock, since each of them gets their own characteristics and appears to different situation, we decided to put both of them into the market. Let's explore the design story of TimeStand by Tools design.

Origin of idea

Tools: One of the first lessons of art school is that a circle turns into an ellipse when you see it at an angle. We have been waiting for many years to turn this basic geometric knowledge into a real product.

The TimeStand turned out to be the perfect product to demonstrate this. The top surface is holding the circular charger and ideally should be a perfect circle too. It should also be angled so the watch face can be easily observed when the watch is charging. If you take a cylinder and cut it at an angle you will not get the circular face but an elliptical one, however if you take an elliptical profile and cut it at exactly the right angle, you get the perfect circular cut.

Geometry facts aside, you don’t have to be a mathematician to appreciate the product. We just use geometric constraints to make the products appear cleaner and simpler so you can better enjoy it’s functionality.

Design process

Q: To what detail did you pay attention in the process of developing and finalize the design and form of the product?

Tools: The simpler products are often the more difficult to make. The TimeStand represents a new functionality because with the introduction of the Apple Watch its the first time in history you need a charger for your wristwatch. So since there is no real product history to reference we had to make literally hundreds of revisions before this particular one came up. However, looking at it now all the hours of hunting for the right idea seem to have been well spent.

Material choice

Q: Are there any interesting story on choosing the right material for the product.

Tools: Just Mobile have years of experience manufacturing in aluminum, often seen referred to as the Masters of Metal. So Aluminum is always the first material that comes into mind. For it’s many qualities, lightness, ease of manufacturing and it’s hard and durable surface finish.


Q: Please write any messages to TimeStand customers.

Tools: If you choose to buy the TimeStand we hope you will appreciate the mindwork and craftsmanship that went into it’s creation. It’s sure to survive your new Apple Watch and will hopefully be able to hold your next one too.

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