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June & December was founded with an adventurous spirit and the belief that extraordinary design is more than an item: it is the feeling that is evoked when you discover your next great find. We celebrate that idea by bringing unexpected contrasts together with our paper, textile and gift products in ways that will make your heart sing…

After all, we know a thing or two about opposites coming together. We're Katie and Nick Forte, founders of June & December, but also two very different halves of a perfect pair. Katie is an artist, graphic designer, aesthetically-motivated thinker and on-the-spot inventor of rainy day projects for her kids who loves to blend her rustic country upbringing with her eye for clean and elegant lines. Nick is a business-minded former event planner with an eye for detail, a passion for cooking and a dedication to reviving personal, old-fashioned customer service, where promises are kept and handshakes are a bond.

Figuratively speaking, Nick crosses the T's and dots the I's while Katie designs the typography.

Everything we do, from the designs we create to the materials we select and the American manufacturers we move forward with, is meticulously considered. We live (happily and oh-so-gleefully) in the details, with the creed that the littlest things make the biggest differences.

We relish not just great design, but great products: their texture, their weight, the feel of quality-made paper and fabrics. We only select items we would buy ourselves and always strive to find locally sourced materials made in the USA, seeking the perfect match for our designs to tell their story.

Pairing great designs with quality materials that are expertly assembled is what we love to do. June & December is our next big adventure and we're thrilled to welcome you to it.

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