Jul 03, 2018 11

5 Simple Facebook Ad Hacks for Market Research

Facebook has truly evolved from its humble beginnings. It has proven to be not just a great social networking site, but also a hub for various other purposes including marketing and advertising. Unbeknownst to a lot of Facebook marketers, they can integrate effective strategies in their Facebook marketing campaign to boost their market research. Doing this helps businesses get to know their customers more so that they can cater to their needs better.

To be able to boost your market research through your Facebook, here are 5 simple things that you should do:

Observe your Potential Audience with Trending Topics

One of the first things that you should check for your market research is trending topics. Trending topics is a collection of concepts that are popular in your region, which also serves as your primary geographical target for new audiences. You should view these topics and understand why your potential customers are so interested in them. Understanding your prospective audience’s interests will allow you to come up with offerings that are in line with such interests, making your effort more likely to bring about positive results.

Capitalize on the Demographics

You can use Facebook Insights to view demographic information about the people you engage with your Facebook page. This is pretty straightforward and allows you to determine the demographics of your potential customers.

What’s interesting to know is that you also have the ability to peak at basic demographic information of people engaging with your competitors. Just go to a competitor's Facebook page, click on the arrow after “PEOPLE”, and then you’ll be able to find age, location, page like-growth, number of people talking about this, for a week’s duration.

Knowing who engages and spying on your competitors can help you understand their businesses’ strengths and weaknesses, and these are things that you can take into consideration when coming up with business plans and strategies.

Leverage on Locations to Drill Down on Your Audience

Locations offer a lot of tools that a lot of people miss out on. A lot only settle on putting a location and the default radius of 25 miles. There’s actually a drop-down menu below the map that reads “Everyone in this location” and on that drop-down menu, there are more tools that you can use.

You would be able to see subsets of people in your selected location such as people who live in this location, people recently in this location, and people traveling to this location. Depending on your offerings, a specific subset can work better for you than the default selection of everybody linked to the chosen location.

A lot of Facebook marketing guide that is tailored for marketing goods or services that are applicable to both locals and visitors such as a restaurant or a bar, it’s a good idea to target “everyone in this location”. This will help you reach not only Facebook users who set their address to that area but people who are accessing Facebook from that area.

If you are marketing goods or services that are on a fixated on the location such as schools, gyms, or hospitals, then targeting “people who live in this location” is the best choice. 

If you are looking at promoting some time-constrained event such as a concert, then it is a good idea to target “people recently in this location”.

And finally, you may target “people traveling in this location” for offerings that are applicable to tourists such as hotels and resorts. This will help you reach people whose recent location is the area but whose hometown is more than 125 miles away.

Use Video Ads to Analyze Audience Interest Level

You can make use of video ads to help understand the interest of your audience. There are many video creation tools out there that you can use. In the meantime, do not focus on the video but on the insights you can get out of it. Come up with a number of video ads on your products and narrow down each video’s audience to specific subsets of your target audience so that you can determine which ones are most interested in your products.

Set your campaign’s objective to video views. Run your video campaign for 3 days. At the end of the campaign, see which subset of your target market gave the most views and impressions. You will now be able to determine which subset your products appeal the most to so you can target them specifically in the future.

Create online polls for an in-depth insight

Facebook also allows you to come up with polls that can be used for various purposes. Some of the things that you can do with Facebook polls are asking for feedback on a newly launched product or asking for future product ideas. There are lots of questions that you may ask your audience and you can use their response as an aid in your decision-making.

Facebook polls are seen as better alternatives to traditional survey methods and are being used by some of the most well-known brands as part of their market research as it really is effective. It also helps save time, effort, and money in having to test products in the traditional way.

Some of the polls tools that you may use are the following:

  • Poll

A polling app that appears as a tab on your profile. It can help capture data from your respondents. It also allows comments to go with answers. Ads are removed if you go for the premium version.

  • Polls for Facebook

Customizable polling tools that can help you choose various question formats and personalize the appearance of the poll. You would also be able to send thank you notes when on premium version.

  • Polldaddy

The creators of WordPress came up with Polldaddy to help you create quality polls that you can run not only on Facebook but also on your website, and by email.


This tool allows the private interview and can help target respondents based on demographic profiles. also allows the sharing of the poll so it can reach more respondents.

To Conclude

Facebook has truly grown to a multi-purpose platform that helps not only people but also businesses. Market research is a truly important aspect of businesses and it’s great that Facebook can be used to do it in an easy yet comprehensive manner. Maximize the use of Facebook and other market research tools so that you may get to know your customers more, equipping you with the knowledge on how to deal with them in the best way.