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Tips to Buy Estate Engagement Rings

An engagement signifies the beginning of a lifetime commitment. Hence, a lot of factors are required to be considered because not everything that glitters is gold (and diamond too!). Here are a few tips that you should remember while buying estate engagement rings:


Decide on a budget first. Type of center stone, its size, and quality may add to the overall cost of the ring. Further, cost estimation helps determine a general style of the ring and cut off the center stone. To get an idea about cost, look through auction catalogs and visit websites related to estate jewelry. You may also consult a bride specialist or a real estate jewelry expert for more details.

The reputation of the seller: 

“If a seller has 10 of the same antique ring, I’m going to assume that it’s not the real thing. Most antique and estate pieces are one-of-a-kinds, so ordering in bulk is not an option, “advises Look for sellers on websites like Craigslist and Ebay and check the feedback from other customers. Read reviews which specify the quality of engagement rings, design, style and pricing.

Look for Patina: 

“Truly antique pieces of jewelry will naturally show signs of aging and wear and tear. One sign to look for is patina. Patina is a sheen that will appear after a piece of jewelry has been used for many years. You should also see some tarnish, dents, or even a dull appearance if a piece is really an antique. If for some reason an antique piece looks brand new, it may have been restored, or it may not be the real deal,” advises

Ask Questions: Here are a few questions that you must ask while buying an estate engagement ring:

How did the seller get the ring?

A credible story about how the jeweler got hold of the ring will bear testimony to its authenticity. Some possible explanations could be that it was a gift, a family heirloom or perhaps something they also had bought at an estate sale. This would also help you know how old has the piece been.

Were there any repairs?

Ask for information related to number and nature of repairs done on this piece. What were the damages that the piece had and what were the metals and stones that were used to repair the piece?

Which are the documents I will get which certifies the authenticity of the jewelry piece?

There are a few certifications from industry bodies depending on the state where you are buying the estate engagement ring from. These are important as these documents also contain information about the weight, composition and sometimes details about the origin and purchase of the ring.

Consult a jewelry expert:

 If you are completely new to buying an estate engagement ring, it is advised to consult a jewelry expert. This would help you choose a genuine jewelry at the right cost.

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