Jan 15, 2018 1

List of 7 Props You Can Use for Newborn Photography

There’s nothing like marking your baby’s first days into the world with photos. But if you want something that perfectly captures those the first few days of her life, hiring a professional newborn photographer in Oshkosh is the best move you can make.

If you’ve been scouring around for the best photo ideas and want to make sure yours turn out fantastic as well, here are 7 props you can tell your photographer to use:

1. Baskets or vintage boxes

These are great when you want pictures of your newborn asleep. They give a charming, rustic feel to the photo. And don’t worry. If you hired a pro, your photographer will make sure there are enough blankets or stuffing inside so it won’t tip over while the shoot is ongoing.

2. Hats and headbands

Baby hats and headbands are great too. They add just the right touch of personality to the photos that you’ll probably ask for a ton of shots just to get that chubby-cheeked cuteness overload from every angle. With so many styles, colors and designs—go for hats and beanies with cat, bunny or doggie ears too!—you won’t have a problem picking out the best one for your child.

3. Blankets

These are great for containing your baby. There’s also something special about letting your photographer use your great-grandmother’s quilt or a hand-knitted blanket from your mother. You might want to play with patterned blankets too. This will help set the overall mood and tone of the photo as well.

4. Stuffed toys

Personalize the shoot by using your baby’s stuffed toys—it might be a small, cute plush squirrel, bear or giraffe. This will make for a great memory later on.

5. Wedding bands

Keep it simple by using your wedding bands. You could put those on the toes of your baby and make for a simple, but poignant and meaningful shot. It’s going to make for a wonderful keepsake for the family.

6. Calendars

You could also use calendars and even newspaper clippings of the day your baby was born. It’s going to make for a darling and unique photo of your little one. Put in a few other touches like a ruler, clock or even flowers you picked from the garden or are in season when your baby was born and you’ll be set!

7. Stretch wraps

These are perfect for swaddling your baby. And often add up the cuteness factor of the shot, especially when it’s in the right color or shade. However, you might also want to pick props in neutral tones to make your baby stand out.

For out more about your options by talking to your photographer. Book an appointment with a newborn photographer in Oshkosh today.