Dec 28, 2017 3

Is Biological Science a Good Career Option?

Many people who are planning to attend university for the first time or planning to further their education are wary about choosing a major. There are so many reports and statistics revealed about how recent college graduates are having difficulty finding work that many people are concerned about investing money in a degree that isn't worth the effort or time. However, there are few degrees that still have excellent value, and biological science is one of them. A bachelor's degree in biological sciences can create many opportunities for a recent graduate. A BS in biological sciences has maintained its value for several reasons.

Biological Science is Versatile

When choosing a degree, it's critical to choose an area of study that is extremely versatile in the job market. This infographic was created to show the various Bachelor's degrees that are putting students in the negative return for their educational investment. Students who have decided to get degrees in architecture and arts are especially suffering. Some of this can be accredited to the fact that architecture and arts degrees can be very limiting.

A Bachelor's degree in biological science can lead to many types of careers. For example, a biological science degree could lead to a career in pharmacology, medicine, education, or even mathematics. Most of the degrees that prove to be lucrative focus in an area of study that serves an industry which is constantly growing. The health and science industry is currently expanding in comparison to more specified, less urgent areas of study such as architecture and art.

An Industry on the Rise claims that the pharmaceutical industry is doing so well that projected growth in the industry will be 13.8% by 2024. For individuals who have purchased a Phd. in pharmacy, job security is almost guaranteed based on this information. A Phd. is a big achievement and requires a large dedication of time, but starting with a bachelor's degree in biological sciences is a good first step towards this type of career. Biological sciences is included in many industries that are expected to grow within the next few years. 

Deciding Factors

It's clearly established that a degree in biological sciences can be a good choice economically, but it's also important to consider job satisfaction when choosing a degree. Now that so many people have struggled to find work, new students may be tempted to choose a degree strictly based on career statistics. But it truly is difficult to make a living by using skills which a person considers to be boring or difficult.

A biological science degree is probably best for people who have an interest in living creatures and want to teach or do research according to The Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology. Many people who enjoy biological sciences are fascinated by discovering new information about living creatures or teaching others about biology.

After deciding to pursue a degree in biological sciences, the next step is finding a school which has a reputation for an excellent biology program and asking the school for more information about the biology program.