Aug 10, 2017 7

How to Identify That Your Air Conditioning System Needs Repair?

Your air conditioning system is the most important thing during summers when heat from the sun is beyond the limit of tolerance. In this situation, the cool air coming from your AC gives you a new lease of life. But, what if the AC doesn’t turn on? Of course, it will freak you out.

You can prevent this from happening by ensuring that your AC remains in working condition always. In fact, you can also make sure it runs efficiently all year around. Just notice any strange behavior exuded by your AC, and rather than handling that yourself, call a certified technician to do the needful. A professional does more than air conditioning installation in Peoria. They take care of the unit and perform all necessary maintenance on time to avoid costly repairs.

Here’s how you can identify that your air conditioning system requires a professional handling:

Unexpectedly higher energy bills

Assuming that the temperature has remained constant, but the power bills have gone up suddenly, you may assume that your system is not working optimally. Another possibility could be a problem in ducts. Whatever the reason, it is an early warning sign that something is wrong and you should immediately call a professional to check it out. Be it efficiency problem or faulty duct, it doesn’t get solved automatically. A trained technician can help you do that.

Burning smell

When you turn your AC on and smell something burning, without smoke, you should call a technician immediately. The smell could be due to overheating. If you happen to ignore the symptom, it may sustain extensive damage.

The shut-off switch

Many of the newer AC units are available with a safety feature that upon filling up of condensate pan or pipe, the unit gets shut-off. If your AC is cooling fine, but shuts off suddenly, there could be problem with condensate pan or pipe. Evacuate the collected water and check it the unit operates normally again. If it does, then you don’t have to worry, but if it doesn’t, you should call a professional.

Strange noise from your unit

Air conditioners make a humming sound when operating normally and it is OK. However, anything other than that can be a sign of abnormal behavior. Something might be stuck in the unit – go and check for any blockage. If you are not able to see anything, call a professional help. Any blockage can put excess load on the unit, causing it to burn out.

Unit turning on and off frequently

While you may think that on and off cycling can be normal and due to thermostat, it can indicate other problems also. Check if someone has made changes to the thermostat settings. If not, better call a professional to take a look and find the underlying cause.

Of course, a professional team like Cool Blew is just a call away and they can manage everything starting from air conditioning installation in Peoria to repair and maintenance. But, there are a few things that you should take care of to extend the life of your AC – keep the unit clean, replace AC filters regularly, and follow manufacturer’s suggestions.