Sep 11, 2017 8

How Often Does an Air Conditioner Need Service?

Air Conditioners ensure that we live and breathe in comfortably conditioned and clean air. The worthy air optimizing solutions are necessary whether you face scorching heat or severe cold, as the new ACs can modulate room air either way and make the room temperature more hospitable and cozy.

Both home and business AC systems need timely AC system inspection and service when you want to avoid and prevent the untimely breakdown of the machines in the midst of rude temperatures (spring is the best time for the yearly AC servicing).

How often does my AC need service?

All kinds of air-conditioning units should be inspected, cleaned, serviced and repaired at least once every year. While the ideal time is spring, you can choose any other time or month as well (inspection at any time is better than no inspection at all!). Inspections ensure that the minor faults and problems do not turn into bigger problems and issues, and there is no unnecessary wastage of money in the long run. AC inspection and servicing ensures that the parts last longer and the AC uses the least amount of energy while working. The professional AC services offer best ROI (return on investment) saving you a number of dollars that go wasted because of negligence.


The AC service in Gilbert will include cleaning. This is so because the AC accumulates dirt and dust, both of which actually hamper and spoil its efficiency. The build-ups alone reduce the efficiency of your AC units by up to 5%. This causes faster wearing of parts and also results in greater wastage of electricity.


The AC/HVAC technician will able to better assess the condition of your AC, which may vary depending on the amount of usage the machine undergoes. While the new ACs require only cleaning and tuning of parts (the filter may be changed though), the older ones may need time-taking overhauls and replacement of one or more old parts with new ones.

Low-cost servicing

Most AC maintenance/service companies offer you AC service @ less than 100$, and the average price varies between $100 and $70. Many also offer you discounts when you subscribe to the longer service plans. As you will need your AC serviced each year, it is better to subscribe to a long term plan.

Licensed and reliable services

The licensed AC technicians only can provide you with the best AC service. That is why the leading companies employ licensed technicians, and also have due registrations and licensure of providing the service in any given region. The professionally trained service personnel have their background checked and are also tested for drugs. They offer you timely, efficient and flawless AC service at affordable costs.

Other improvements

Apart from the optimization of AC working and functioning, the AC technicians also improve other aspects associated with the systems. For instance, the air conditioning systems get the energy saving/efficient measures/features, when the technician repairs the AC or modulates it for further use. They also provide you with certain tips and suggestions that provide of saving time and money in the long run.

AC maintenance services can timely inspect and service your AC and save more than 15% on your electricity bills easily, as has been found in multiple surveys. Proper and timely AC servicing schedule ensures that the machine lasts for at least 15 years, and even more. The service is reliable to the core and you need to place a phone call towards getting the best service of your AC.