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Guide to Operate a CNC Machine Tool Presetter

Below is a brief guide to selecting and operating a CNC machine tool presetter successfully and efficiently:

Finding the Ideal Presetter

Which presetter is the most suitable choice available for your specific needs? There is a wide variety of presetters available on the market today that range from low-performance to high-quality, high-performance machinery. Which option is the best choice?

If you are shopping with a tight budget and want to find the most affordable presetter, then you should consider the contact presetter. This particular type of CNC machine tool presetter is typically reviewed as the least expensive option available. However, if your goal is to focus on accuracy, then you should consider the noncontact models.

Take Efficient Route to Relay Data

Make sure that you take the time to use an efficient route for relaying data directly to the machine. The precision of the measurement means very little when compared to the overall challenge of accurately and efficiently transmitted the necessary to the actual machine. Keep in mind that this particular step creates a huge opportunity for human error to intervene and ruin everything. There are even some presetters available that offer label printers for users to document the numbers correctly instead of having no other choice but to handwrite them.

How Does Human Error Intervene?

As mentioned above, human error can rear its ugly head when you are operating a machine tool presetter. That is why it is recommended to find ways to minimize the possibility of its damage as much as possible, such as:

Use a Label Writer: You do not have to write the numbers down by hand, which inadvertently leaves your records openly exposed to human error (i.e. writing the wrong number, transposing digits, illegible markings, etc.) Using a label writer makes it possible to document the measurements and affix them to the tool holder.

Compose NC Programs to Assign Tool Offsets: To further reduce the chances of being subjected to human error, it is also recommended to assign specific tool offsets through the composition of NC programs. There are quite a few presetters available that could assign the offsets and run the same program at the start of each machining cycle. With that type of system in place, the actual operator will hardly have to do anything besides to load the tools into each corresponding pocket.

Implement the Use of Tool ID Tags: Another way to minimize the appearance of human error when working with a CNC machine tool presetter is that of using tool ID tags. These tags can provide a substantial amount of assistance during the loading process since they are designed to store a vast amount of electronic data for all tool holders. Once everything is loaded correctly, the presetter is able to identify tools automatically, comprehend the offsets and cycle through the magazine to reach the appropriate loading pocket on the right.