Jul 21, 2017 3

Do You Know Why Restaurant Employee Schedule Always Cost You High?

Many restaurants, especially the ones who are new, work on extremely cut-to-cut budgets and more so on extremely little profits. The reason for the high cost of the business may not just be expenditures on rental, equipment EMIs, etc. Your restaurant employee schedule can also be the bane to your business boost. Read ahead to know more why your current schedule may be the reason your business costs may be rising.

Making staff schedules based on intuitions

Many owners believe that the best way to schedule the employee workflow is through intuition. This is, in reality, may not be the best way to design a work schedule. Learn to make schedules based on the actual work data. This will enable you to design a much more efficient schedule. You can examine patterns in your sales and overall business, analyze them and then proceed to design and implement the schedule, which will be based on quantitative data.

Not communicating efficiently with the employees

Good staff is hard to get and moreover, preserving them is yet another big challenge. If you wish to retain your employees, then make sure that you are communicating with them properly. This is because any gaps in the communication might just lead to you losing your employees, even the good ones. When staff members leave, they take the skills acquired at your business to another one. Vacant positions may not fill up easily, and this lacuna may cause stress in operations, which can affect your profit margins.

Communicating with employees is not a difficult job. You just have to make sure that you convey your messages efficiently and beforehand. For example, next week’s schedule should not be put up on Sunday night. Make sure you do it on Friday or Saturday so that if any employee plans to take a leave, he or she can know the schedule in advance.

Spending too much time preparing the schedule

The more time you spend on making the restaurant employee schedule, the less time you will be able to give to other parts of your business. The quickest and the easiest way to design an employee schedule is by using an app to do it. The apps help to store and analyze your business data and help you to make informed decisions based on facts rather than intuitions. Apps are quick and extremely efficient when it comes to handling employee swaps and also how your labor is matching to the demands of the customers.

Always remember that you should be able to handle the operations efficiently and by doing so, you give yourself a chance to increase your profits and better your chances of succeeding at your endeavor.