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Chiropractic - Career, Salary and Education Information

The choice to become a chiropractor is one that makes, even more, sense in the current job market. With a projected growth of seventeen percent in the next ten years – much faster than the national average for other occupations – chiropractors are having a moment that doesn’t seem intent on passing anytime soon.

So, what does being a chiropractor entail? Why exactly are these holistic healers so popular, and what does it take to join their ranks? Read on to find out more!

Job Description

  • The duties of a chiropractor vary depending on where and how they practice, but in general they include:
  • Assessing patients’ medical conditions
  • Analyzing posture, reflexes and other aspects of overall health
  • Conducting test to determine type of treatment advisable, including taking x-rays and more
  • Administer therapies and treatments to patients, including applying heat or cold
  • Make chiropractic adjustments to patients by hand or using specialized tools
  • Offer additional health advice or recommend other treatment options
  • Refer patients to other healthcare providers, as needed
  • Using all of these techniques in unison, chiropractors care for patients as whole beings, rather than addressing singular issues.

Salary and Prospects

The salary earned by a chiropractor depends on several variables. These include age, level of experience, location, clientele and more. While the median salary for this profession lands around 65K annually, the top tier of the industry makes six figures every year. Many chiropractors report that their earning potential increases dramatically over time, as they build a reputation for themselves in their community and see more and more repeat clients.

The prospects for employment in the field of chiropractic care are excellent. With openings almost everywhere, it isn’t hard to find a job once you have your education in place. Additionally, there are a wide variety of settings in which you might find employment, including hospitals, private practices, health centers, rehabilitation clinics and more. Some chiropractors even work privately for their clients, traveling nationwide and enjoying the sights as they do – talk about benefits!

Of course, as with any lucrative career, chiropractic takes an investment upfront of both capital and time. Obtaining a doctor in chiropractic degree is a must for those interested in having their own practice or being part of a successful team.


Becoming a doctor in chiropractic certainly isn’t a simple process, but it’s one worth pursuing those with a passion for people and hands-on healing. Many schools across the country offer chiropractic medicine programs, but some of the best are located in California. With celebrities, professional athletes and models among their clientele, those trained in California schools of chiropractic are some of the most popular healers in the nation. If you’re interested in joining a career that can be equal turns exciting and rewarding, consider attending one of these excellent schools. It’s an investment you’ll be happy you made!