Jul 26, 2017 9

Chain-Link Fences: The Best Security Fencing

People often do not give much thought towards having a proper fence for security, sticking to the view that any fence is better than no fence at all. With the advancement in technologies and features, fences can today prevent multiple kinds of intrusions. A fence should have at least 3 features, in order to be effective towards preventing trespassers and unwanted entries.

● They should not have any kind of hiding place

● They should be very hard and difficult towards climbing

● No one should be able to bypass them without your permission or knowledge

Chain link fences are more modern and comprehensive in their approach towards solving the trespassing problem. They are also cost effective and last longer than other kinds of fences. Below are some of the advantages of opting the chain link fences for your home or business security.

Enhanced security

Apart from covering the above-given security points, the chain link fences can offer comprehensive security as well. These fences are made by interlocking the “coated” steel wires. The wires are bent vertically so that they form a zigzag design and then are joined so that they are part of a zigzag design. They hence do not give any space towards hiding. The wired-structured henceforth formed is attached to the steel posts that are deeply embedded in the ground, thereby making the fences difficult to bypass. Chain fences are difficult to climb as well, as they can be made of any height. Usually, they have a height varying from 3 to 12 feet.

Cost efficiency

While there are wrought-iron fencing options, the chain link fences can offer you reliable security related features, while being priced marginally and favorably for you.


The fences boast of a plethora of varieties. While most people opt for the "silver steel" color, others who are more aesthetically oriented opt for the “color coated” fences. These blend seamlessly with the house color and make for an appealing appearance.

The thickness and the styling of the fencing structure can also be chosen so that you can have the best security, which suits the particular situational requirements as well. They can be created for the short and more congested spaces as well, a feature that increases their utility.

Quick and easy installation/ less maintenance

The chain link fences are quite easy to install. The chain link fence supplies providers offer you professional services towards establishing the fences in the desired way. As the structure is made up of metals, it can be quite resistant towards rust, humidity and other environmental hazards. The fences are also quite easy to maintain and clean.

Durable to the core

The chain link fences are made up of steel and hence are resistant towards the pests, mites and other degradants. They are hence better than the wooden fences in terms of longevity.

Make sure that you have a chain-link fence of at least 6 feet height, and the thickness of the wires is not less than 9 gauge when you buy a chain-link fence for your premises security.