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10 Best Premium Handmade Chocolate Shops in California

Making handmade chocolate is a rare art in itself; priceless are those hands that have mastered the trade. The amount of work that it takes in the process of mastering the art is only worth it when you’ve manage to evolve as nothing but the best in the industry. Gourmet chocolatiers are not born with skills … the perfection in quality and taste that they bring to handmade chocolate is the result of at least half a century of experience and expertise gained from making chocolates for generations. Here is a list of the Top 10 gourmet chocolate makers in and around California, United States, in a random order of preference.

John Kelly Chocolates
1508 N Sierra Bonita Ave, LA

One of the best places to go looking for premium chocolate gifts in Los Angeles, CA! Not only do they have an exclusive range of handmade chocolate products, but also the way they care to pack your purchase is indeed worthy of appreciation. Their Semi-Sweet Chocolate is a popular treat among patrons.

K Chocolatier by Diane Krön
9606 S Santa Monica Blvd, Beverly Hills

A Beverly Hills based confectionery that specializes in handmade chocolates, gift boxes and party favors, K Chocolatier is a popular hub for chocolate lovers and gift buyers alike. The franchise has two more branches in New York and Malibu.

5264 Tujunga Ave, North Hollywood

This place is known for Pre-Hispanic recipes and portrayal of ancient Mayan culture feel in their shop.Also, chocolate and other desserts are made from scratch will all-natural ingredients; no preservatives added. Undeniably a top place to look for chocolate gifts for your partner!

Littlejohn’s English Toffee House
6333 W 3rd St, Fairfax

Started as early as 1920, this family-owned business makes the bestpremium chocolate goodies in town. From gift baskets to party packs to old fashioned favorites, they have it all. The expertise passed through generations is what makes them worth the try.

Teuscher Chocolates &Café
9548 Brighton Way, Beverly Hills

Teuscher brings the original taste of Swiss chocolates to America right from their kitchens in Zurich. Handmade without chemicals and preservatives, their chocolates are a blend of experience and the freshest and the finest of ingredients put together into making something utterly heavenly.

Edelweiss Chocolates
444 N Canon Drive, Beverly Hills

If you are looking for some amazingly delicious chocolate pretzels, chocolate walnut marshmallows,French truffles and more, this is the place to be. Edelweiss Chocolates has been in the trade since 1942 and has evolved as a premium gourmet chocolate maker both in the US and abroad.

Other names in the premium chocolate makers’ segment in California that come up in the “Top 10” list include the Brentwood based Compartes Chocolates, Les Beaux Chocolats in Beverly Groove and

Ococoa Chocolates in Beverlywood, LA. Of course there are other handmade chocolate makers too in the most populous state in the US, but the list was for the 10 best premium chocolatiers in California and here’s what it is.