May 09, 2019 0

Reasons why installing TMT bars and rods is a wise choice

TMT bars stand for Thermo-Mechanically Treated Bars that are widely used for construction purposes. They are the backbone of all constructions as they help to set up the basic structure of the building. The manufacturing process makes them sturdy from the outside but soft from the inside. Concrete has good compressive strength but lacks tensile strength. This is where TMT bars come in use. They reinforce the concrete and facilitate construction. Mentioned below are a few benefits of using them:

Fire Resistance

Fire is a constant threat to buildings and skyscrapers. It is one of the prime concerns of every engineer and builder. This is why TMT manufacturers produce TMT rods and bars that are fire resistant and endure temperature ranging from 400 to 600 degrees Celsius. Now, with these bars, the potential threat of fire is eliminated and your safety is ensured.

Corrosion Resistant

Eventually, most materials corrode over time. But this is not the case in terms of TMT bars. These bars are designed to prevent corrosion and ensure a long lifespan of the structure. Manufacturers use controlled water-cooling process that prevents the formation of coarse carbides and hence, they become resistant to corrosion. Also, since there are no surface stressors, the TMT bars last even longer.

A safer alternative for earthquakes

Earthquakes are the worst nightmare of every builder. But, with TMT bars, it is easier to avoid any damage during such catastrophic natural disasters. Their ferrite-pearlite inner core enables them to sustain any seismic activity and offers strength to the concrete. They support the structural integrity of the building and increase its lifespan as well. Using TMT bars is very essential in earthquake-prone areas.

Unique bonding with cement

TMT bars have a unique bonding with concrete. Both are very compatible and hence, make the structure stronger. The rib patterns allow enhanced bond strength between the bar and the concrete surrounding it. It results in a longer lifespan of the structure.

Easy to work with

The TMT bars used for constructions are very easy to work with. Their ductility and bending capabilities facilitate storing into smaller areas. You can create pre-welded meshes owing to such attributes that eliminate the need for manual binding as well. Also, since they are malleable, constructing with TMT bars is much easier. Apart from this, transporting TMT bars is also cost-effective.

The aforementioned points make it quite obvious why paying for the TMT bar price is worth the investment. They are designed to make our home safer and last longer. For buying TMT bars, always contact a premier TMT bar manufacturer.