May 24, 2019 0

All you need to know about colour coated roofing sheets

Roofing is a large industry in building construction across the globe. Coloured corrugated sheets are used for pre-engineered applications majorly used for commercial and traditional applications. They are built from the latest technical support of experienced professional from the industry that provides optimum end usage experience.

The best part about these sheets is how they are not only used for protection but are also pleasing to the eyes. They add an aesthetic value to the building and are beautifully fitted. They are usually used on the exteriors of any construction. When used for housing purposes, these sheets can be modified according to the owners’ requirements and preferences. Some home owners prefer slanting sheets only on the roofs while others cover the exteriors with them. Due to their availability in numerous colours, they are much in demand and have a large market base.

Some of the amazing features that make these sheets such a hit include water resistance, tamper proof, corrosion resistance, and durable coating. Some of the most common colour you can find these sheets in are green, blue, grey and white. The sheets can also be customised according to consumer choices. If you’re new to these sheets, there are a few things you need to keep in mind while finalising on them.

• Easy to install and remove

• Light weight but strong enough to endure all the weathers

• Recyclable with good insulation and low heat conductivity

• Ensures ventilation and inflow of sun light

Roofing sheets are usually made of aluminium, copper and stainless steel. The colours are added using Lastisol and silicone polyester. The standard thickness of the sheets ranges from 0.50 mm to 0.60 mm. These sheets can endure high temperatures ranging from 40 to 50 degrees. They are able to maintain their form and structure even in extreme low temperatures. To ensure durability, both sides of the sheet are coated with alkali wash coat and galvanised as per requirement. They promise a span of 40 years of use and need maintenance only after 15 years of use. Most of them are also UV resistant.

The pricing of these sheets varies from company to company. A number of factors influence the costing of each sheet, such as quality, texture and durability. The different types available are tile roofing sheets, polycarbonate/ FRP roofing sheets, crimped sheets, and bare galvalume sheets. You can find online the coated sheet metal prices and choose the one best suited to your needs.