Apr 22, 2019 0

5 Roofing Materials to Keep your House Cool

In a country like India, where the summers are a long stretch of sweltering hot days, with the temperature rising with each day, homeowners usually want only one thing: a cool place to return to after being out in the sun for hours. To keep your house naturally cool, the choice of house roof sheet plays a major role. Some materials have an inherent property of deflecting the sunlight and preventing heat transfer from taking place. Here is a list of 5 such materials and how they would help your home to become cooler in summers.

1. Cool Color Concrete Tiles: As concrete tiles are heavier as compared to other roofing material, they take a lot of time to heat up. It is a good cooling material, and its cooling properties are enhanced if the tiles are colored in lighter shades. The lighter shades enhance its ability to reflect sunlight. To add on to that, concrete tile roofing lasts longer.

2. Slate Tile: Earthen colored and light hued, slate tiles are very efficient in reducing the heat taken up by buildings. These tiles have natural reflective properties which help to keep the temperatures inside low, thus reducing the cost and energy required for cooling. However, the cost of roof sheet materials, for most of them other than slate tiles, is comparatively less, thus slate tiles may be a more expensive option.

3. Terra Cotta and Clay: This type of roofing is popular in regions with a warm climate and less precipitation. As the color of clay is light, it does not absorb as much heat as roofs with darker shades. Modern day clay tiles are color coated, thus giving them the added benefit of weather proofing and enhanced reflectivity.

4. Rubber Membrane Roofing: The material used for this type of roofing is not exactly rubber. Rather it is either made up of a thermoplastic which is weather resistant and strong or ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM), which is a type of synthetic rubber. It is very commonly used in commercial buildings, where longevity is necessary. They are available in white coating options, thus making them adept at reflecting sunlight.

5. White Metal Roofing: This type of roofing can keep 66% of the sun’s energy at bay. It may not be the best option for reflecting sunlight, but it cools the fastest at night and holds less amount of heat. In the long run, given the low maintenance required and the ease of installation, white metal roofing is an economically viable roofing option.

Roofing material plays a crucial role in keeping the electricity bills low in summer. For a naturally cool home, make an informed choice while selecting the roofing material for your home.