Jan 21, 2017 359

The Perfect Companion

I use these three Ghurka pieces to transport my professional office equipment and treasures over 100 miles several times a week to and from work on a vintage Vmax motorcycle.  The Ghurka Explorer backpack and 13" and 15"laptop accouterments - one used for a laptop the other for documents - keep my items safe and secure as I travel down the highway at speeds that would keep a teenage "X Gamer" satisfied.  Additionally, the hood on my backpack provides excellent protection during in-climate weather riding.  As if all this wasn't enough to reinforce the joy I receive from my Ghurka products, very often when I am in traffic, I spot motorist almost rear-ending each other because of their extended focused gaze on the smartly styled black and gold Explorer backpack. I am pleased to report however, that to date, no fender-benders have actually occurred. Thanks Ghurka for designing products that optimize form and function.