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What Are Steroids Actually?

We all have heard that steroids are being used by athletes and bodybuilder by several decades. But did you ever think of what steroids actually are? And how they work? Well before moving to that, let us discuss the types of steroids which are present in the market.

There are mainly two types of steroids, one is anabolic steroid and the other is a legal steroid. An anabolic steroid is those which induce muscle growth like testosterone. Anabolic steroids are also known as a synthetic or natural compound which basically has a 17 carbon 4 rings. Whereas legal steroids are mainly used to treat medical conditions like asthma, they are also used to treat arthritis and other joint related issues.

What Steroids Are?

As we discussed above the two types of steroid, anabolic and legal. Here we will mainly discuss what they actually are and how they work. Anabolic steroids are synthetic compounds which are being used by athletes and bodybuilder to enhance their performance in the playing field. Anabolic steroids are also very popular among today’s generation, especially among those who are associated with fitness or bodybuilding because they have some compound which increases lean muscle mass.

Legal steroids, as the name tells us are totally legal and can be bought without doctor’s prescription. In late 90s legal steroids were also used for body building and performance enhancer but in recently times they are being used to treat many medical conditions. Doctor relies on these legal steroids and prescribes them to the patient accordingly.

Some Advantages of Steroid:

• The main benefits of steroid are for patient as they decrease the pain and increase the function.

• There are lots of people, who don’t like to take medications orally so legal steroids may avoid the need of oral medications.

• Steroid also enhances stamina and that’s why athletes rely on it to perform well on the playing field.

• Helps you in increasing lean muscle mass.

Some Risk of Steroid:

• Steroid overdose can result in fatal medical conditions like stroke, heart failure and different nephron pathologies.

• Liver damage and tumors are also side effects of steroid overdose.

• Muscle fatigue is also a side effect if you are associated with steroids from several years.

Legal steroids are very popular in today’s time and people are buying in in excessive amount. Steroids are legal in many parts of the world but there are some countries where legal steroids are banned. Autsralia is one of the. So how could you find legal steroid in Australia? There are lots of online stores who offers legal steroid in Australia