Dec 21, 2017 6

Things to Keep in Mind While Purchasing a Chain Link Fence

Chain link fence is a classic choice for both its simplicity and its practicality. American backyards rely heavily on it for keeping children and pets inside of property lines, while keeping unwanted animals and uninvited guests out. Though they may all share a similar look, there are differences in chain link fences and many things to consider when purchasing it. Read on for more information about what to think about when you visit your local chain link fence supply retailer.

What Type of Fence Do You Want?

If you already know you want a chain link fence, the next step is to decide what kind you’d like. Variations are typically in the size of the chain links, height, visual details and materials used in design. Your retailer can explain these to you, and offer you advice for choosing the best fir for your home and family.

Where Will Your Fence Be Located?

Knowing where you want your fence is only half the issue, here. For your fence to be correctly installed, you must understand where your home’s property lines lay, and to do this you must locate the property pins. If you’re unsure of how to do this you can ask:

  • Your neighbors, especially if they have lives there for a long time.
  • Your home’s builder, if your home is relatively new.
  • Your home builder’s surveyor, if they are unable to tell you where pins are located.

What Are Your Property Lines or Measurements?

You absolutely must measure the area to be enclosed by your fence before making a purchase or hiring a contractor. If you hire a professional, they will typically take care of this for you. But it’s still a good idea to know the approximate location of your property lines, and the measurements of the area or areas you wish to have fenced.

Will Your Fence Enclose a Pool?

Oftentimes the fences that encircle pool areas must meet certain regulations. Inquire with your city council, homeowners’ association or other local entity to find out what rules might apply to your fence if you’re planning to put it around a pool.

Will Your Fence Need to Protect Pets or Children?

Take your children and pets into consideration when choosing your chain link fence. The areas through which tiny arms or legs can pass must not allow for a high risk of injury. Otherwise, you may need to reconsider your fence type, altogether.

Is Your Fence Designed to Contain Animals?

Fences designed to keep horses, cattle and other livestock enclosed may need to meet certain regulations, depending on where you live. Find this information out before you invest in a chain link or other fence.

While this can seem like a lot to keep in mind, your chain link fence supply retailer will know exactly how to answer these questions. They can help you create the property you want by installing chain link fence however and wherever you need it. Contact a local retailer today, or look online for the service you need.