Dec 15, 2017 2

How Drug Addiction Can Consume Your Life

It’s no secret that drug and alcohol abuse can destroy lives. Few people who haven’t experienced it firsthand has an idea to just what extent this is true. It takes many local residents suffering from addiction entering an Iowa drug treatment center to finally realize just how badly their lives have been affected by their drug use. Here are just a few ways drug addiction consumes the lives of those who are affected by it.

The Cost of Drug Addiction

Drugs are expensive. Whether you are abusing alcohol, street drugs, prescriptions or other substances, you are likely spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month to maintain your habit, money that could be spent on more important or enjoyable expenses. Many who are addicted face homelessness, bankruptcy and loss of important resources like medical coverage because they fail to keep payment schedules for these things timely due to their spending on drugs.

Even walking away from these habits can be expensive. If your rehab isn’t covered by insurance as a medical necessity, you can be saddled with thousands of dollars of bills. The best way to save that money is to never start using drugs in the first place.

Education and Employment

Drug use can cost you your educational future, your place at school and even your job. High school students who abuse drugs are far less likely to finish school and attend college than those who do not. College students who regularly use substances such as prescription drugs, cocaine, heroin and other hard drugs are much less likely to graduate and achieve their academic goals.

Things get even worse in the workplace. When you’re busy using drugs, you may neglect your responsibilities at work or even miss scheduled days. For some this just leads to reprimands or firing. For others, this can mean facing legal charges or losing the ability to practice in their chosen field, effectively ruining their professional future.

Disease and Disorders

It’s well-known that drug abuse ruins the human body. Neurological damage can lead to decreased brain function, while the physical symptoms of drug use can leave people permanently disabled or deformed. Mental health also suffers from drug and alcohol abuse. There is no part of the body that doesn’t feel the negative impact of chemical substance abuse, even is signs appear much later or are undetectable to the eye.

Family and Friends

Drug abuse doesn’t just affect those who participate in it. It ruins relationships. Parents can lose their children, married people can lose their spouses, and those in relationships can lose their significant others. Even blood relatives can be overwhelmed and upset by the lifestyles of those abusing drugs and leave their lives forever. This isolation only leads to further feelings of sadness that many abusers choose to address with more drug use. It’s a vicious pattern that leads nowhere, but it is entirely preventable.

If you’re tired of the cycle of having the best of your life stolen from you, there is help available. Contact your local Iowa drug treatment center and ask about your rehab and recovery options. Addiction doesn’t have to rob you of everything, but it certainly will if you let it. Don’t wait until it does. Call a nearby treatment center today, and begin getting your life and your future back