Dec 12, 2017 4

Good and Bad Qualities of a Hazardous Waste Storage Building

Choosing a storage location for hazardous waste or other chemicals can be difficult. There are very strict and specific safety regulations that must be met, and ensuring the safety of both yourself and others who may encounter the substances is a top priority. Whether building or contracting your own facility or renting a pre-established hazardous waste storage building, here are a few things to keep in mind to determine whether your chosen location is up to par or not.

What to Look For

  • Here are some factors to look for in a suitable storage unit for       hazardous waste.
  • Your unit must be made of the proper storage materials to be sure that erosion won’t affect the materials inside.
  • Walls of your storage drums, buildings and other containers must be thick enough to also protect against both chemical and physical erosion.
  • There must be an effective and user-friendly way of sealing the containers properly. Storage isn’t much good if it doesn’t properly hold what it’s supposed.
  • If you are renting a storage unit, make sure that all state and federal requirements are met. If the owner of the facility won’t offer or release this information, look elsewhere!

Whether you are building or leasing a facility for housing hazardous waste, look also for appropriate care taken to avoid contamination of local wildlife and plants, as well as security to keep children, animals and unwanted trespassers away from chemicals. There are some substances that may smell or taste tempting to an animal or child that can be very toxic in even the smallest amounts. Likewise, there are substances kept in these containers that may tempt people who would do something nefarious with the contents, such as create harsh poisons or dangerous street drugs. To prevent both from occurring, your facility should store all contents far from roads, pathways and also provide an ample distance between fences and actual containers of hazardous substances.

What to Avoid

  • Just as there are things to look for in a storage facility, there are also things to avoid.
  • Never lease a unit from a provider who is unwilling to comply with your request for government documentation of safe practices.
  • Never store any material without proper labeling and documentation. Even in airtight containers, some materials need to be stored separately, and others have to be kept at certain safe temperatures to maintain stability. Mislabeling can end in disaster.
  • Always ask to tour a facility safely before accepting storage accommodations there. If your provider doesn’t allow this, store your items in your own facility or move on to another provider.

The best way to ensure that your hazardous waste storage building is up to the exact specifications you want and need for it to be is to purchase or contract it to be built, yourself. Custom-built buildings and storage units are available through multiple retailers online and in-store. Contact your local retailer or shop online today to find your perfect fit.