Dec 30, 2017 7

Best Ideas to Make a Beautiful Beach at Home with Mermaid Decor

Imagine a beautiful summer day with perfect weather as you relax on the sandy shore of an amazing beach. The colors, the smells and the overall ambiance of your surroundings may arouse comfort, peace and tranquility within you – feelings that explain why so many people enjoy going to the beach just to “get away from it all.”

It also explains why a substantial number of homeowners drift toward creating a beach theme within their houses. If you are interested in taking your beach décor to the next level, here are some great ideas that will allow you to use mermaid home décor to achieve that goal:

Use Large Fishing Hooks for Storage

To enhance the sea theme with a fishing element, you should consider hanging large fishing hooks on the walls. If your bathroom is large enough, you can place these hooks on the bathroom walls to hang bath towels. Within your living room or front door foyer, you could also hang these hooks and use them to store coats, jackets, etc. Spray paint the hooks with the colors that complement your existing décor for added appeal.

Add Moroccan Fish Scales to Your Shower Tiles

You can enhance the mermaid home décor even further within the bathroom by switching out your existing tiles with Moroccan fish scales. The different shades of green that exist and flow within these tiles reflect a fish-like appearance, but will work well with complementary colors and other sea-themed decorative items. For instance, you could file a mason jar with seashells and a LED string light to add to the ambiance of your bedroom or restroom – especially when you are trying to take a relaxing bath or want a dimly-lit bedroom for an intimate date night.

Replace Light Covers with Mermaid Items

Another idea is to replace your existing light switch and power outlet covers with mermaid-like items. For instance, there are quite a few different types of fish scale light switch covers and outlet covers that can blend well with your existing beach theme and mermaid home décor.

Think of Clever Uses of Rope

To add to the beach theme and aesthetic appeal of your mermaid décor, you can find clever ways to add rope in a variety of different ways. A thick rope gives off the impression of sailing and boats – especially when you think of nautical knots. You can hang a rope on the wall in your bathroom to essentially create a DIY towel holder. You could also wrap the rope around your mesh wastebasket to enhance the appeal of your décor even more.

Invest in Mermaid-Themed Door Handles

Another idea that you can use to elevate the quality of your mermaid home décor is to invest in replacement door handles that have beach and mermaid themes. For instance, you could invest in a seahorse door handle or even an octopus tentacle door handle for any door within or outside of your home. Choosing a high-quality door handle for the front door in addition to perhaps a decal or sign with a mermaid-related message or slogan will automatically indicate to your house guests and visitors that they are entering a home with a beach theme.