May 30, 2016 1032

4 Reasons Why You Should Visit Faro

Looking for the breathtaking beaches and shorelines loaded with authenticity? Faro is where you should be heading to this summer. The southernmost city in Portugal and capital of the sun-dipped Algarve region, every sun worshipper comparing cheap flight tickets to Faro ensures that Faro is included in their bucket list. Well, I have been a lucky chap to have booked my flight ahead of time to get the deal I wanted and not to mention, making the most out of my short city break which eventually turned into a long holiday.

So get ready to spoil yourself for choice as I share 4 reasons to visit Faro with you.


Portugal is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and Faro is no exception. From calm stretches of white sands to thrilling cliff drops, this city would pour some of the best choices of its dazzling beaches on you. Ilha de Faro is ideal for water sports and bars along the sea front. Ilha Deserta, part of the Ria Formosa National Park boasting of its kilometres of sands is a must visit. Ilha da Armona is the largest beach in the city and probably the most popular one. Take out time to work on your tan or ultimate sea fun.

2.Cidade Velha

Take a stroll through the neoclassical Arco da Vila to enter this Medieval walled old city. Walk through its cobbled streets and appealing squares. Some of the best attractions that are not to be missed include the câmara municipal town hall, Paço Episcopal Bishop’s Palace and the ancient sé cathedral. This sites dates back to the Roman era, so you will come across numerous historical influences at every corner you turn at.


Faro has long been boasting of it's stunning and magnificently built churches. You don’t have to be religious to admire the beauty of Igreja de Nossa Senhora do Carmo, which is a twin tower church made in Baroque style. Its impeccable white facade is home golden glided interiors as well as cherubs. Behind this church you will find Capela dos Ossos, built from the skulls and bones of 1000 monks - quite a scary and an unbelievable sight.


The nightlife in Faro is truly a reflection of this fascinating Portuguese town’s mixed heritage, which is a fine blend of eateries and bars, traditional entertainment and upbeat sounds. As a university city the city of Faro has an exciting nightlife throughout the year that remains active which makes Faro an ideal location for visitors looking for some action after hours.

For visitors young at heart - Thursday is considered the best night to get involved in some great action, which is officially the student night. Clubs and bars remain busy from dusk till dawn. Moreover, the rates for alcohol other than the club entry are lower than what they’re on weekends.

A flight to Faro delivered me to the enchanting city in just two hours 40 minutes. If the Algarve region is a book then Faro has to be its most admired page full of fun and excitement. Faro is generally considered a great base to discover the best of what this European town has in store for travelers like you.