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7 Ways that Improves Your Sleep Quality with Memory Foam Mattress

Being cool, comfortable, and light, memory foam mattresses are a great choice for those who want to sleep properly and wake up without tiredness or body pains.

To get a good night’s sleep is critical to waking up fresh and energetic, so you can work smoothly during the day. However, even after sleeping for seven to eight hours, most people complain of backaches, side aches, lethargy, and more in the morning. A big reason for their complaints is the type of mattress they choose to relax at night. Explore here about the right type of mattresses that can improve your sleep quality.

What are Memory Foam Mattresses?

Before understanding how a custom memory foam mattress can ensure sound sleep and good health of a person, it is important to know that a memory foam mattress is one of the best types of mattress that offers several advantages over other mattresses. Made of viscoelastic, memory foam is soft, comfortable, and absorbent. While it was designed to be used in NASA place seats, it later found several applications that include its medical use in mattress pads and mattresses.

How Memory Foam Mattresses Improve Sleep Quality

1. Comfortable Sleep Surface:  The quality of sleep varies in different individuals because of the surface they sleep on. The surface of a memory foam mattress is reactive to one’s body temperature that softens it at the right points. This further helps in supporting the body along its natural lines and curves, ensuring a restful sleep.

2. Pain Relief: As memory foam reacts to body temperature, it forms to fit an individual’s body. This offers pain relief to pressure points in the body. Medical manufacturing firms like Medtrica provide such therapeutic mattresses that help people in relieving back pain and waking up refreshed.

3. Movement Minimization: In older people especially, a custom memory foam mattress can relieve pain to reduce extra movement while sleeping. This prevents their waking up frequently during the night. While it is beneficial for maintaining their sleep quality, it also prevents regular disturbance to their partners.

4. Custom Fit: With custom mattress sizes available in memory foam toppers, these fit the bed and the body well. This ensures complete relaxation and sound sleep in users, as the comfort of the bed improves.

5. Even Heat Distribution: Along with custom mattress sizes, memory foam mattresses come with the gel-infusion technology. Working on such technology makes them distribute the heat evenly and allow apt airflow. Thus, users can sleep without worries while the temperature of their bed stays regulated.

6. Support to Your Weight: Memory foam mattresses are great to support the weight of individuals, without losing their form for long. While these are quite durable, these are also designed to be flexible with a feather-light technology. Thus, people may feel like they are floating on the clouds.

7. Cool Sleeping Surface: With more airflow, memory foam mattresses allow the bed to remain cool. This is an important factor to get a good night’s sleep. 

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