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Competition in the business world is more challenging than ever. To keep up; companies have to make significant changes in their corporate structure to maintain their bottom line. These challenges can be particularly crucial whenever there is a change in management. An entire restructuring from top brass executive level right down to the bottom is needed, which is the main purpose of consultancy systems.

A strategic human capital consultancy service comprises the following systems that is the need of every organization.

1. Change management- Major changes within an organization demands that existing employee attitude and behavior is also kept in check. Change management professionals assess such modalities and ensure that everybody adheres to the new set of rules in place and adopts transitioning into a new wave of company culture as smoothly as possible.

2. Organizational development- Any firm that wishes to progress must seek for an overall organizational development. Professionals hired by company to increase the company productivity devise strategic plans based upon the current business practices and closely monitor to determine what works and what needs a change. Thereafter, they relay necessary information to the company executives who set the new organizational development strategy in place.

3. Setting up ERS- ERS is the Ethical Reporting System by means of which any company employee can report any illicit activity taking place within offices. This step is particularly important to the people consultancy systems management professionals because if a company is lacking a healthy work culture, then they will design a custom framework and also establish an Ethics committee that will be put in charge of regulating the firm's policies. A successfully designed ERS increases the company trust among employees and clients alike.

4. Coaching and mentorship for business heads and executives- Many times a company faces the challenge of not having executives or department presidents who can deliberate their view or that of the company’s in a clear and professional manner. Personal inhibitions prevent a lot of newly minted executives or heads of departments to interact and thus coagulate with their underlines. Human capital consultancy service professionals such as Humanettics, ensure that sufficient coaching is given to the leaders who can confidently delegate their agendas to their subordinates. Leadership is perhaps the most essential part of any organizational hierarchy, and that’s why professional services that invest in human development make it a compulsory aspect of their strategic uplifting.

5. Leadership development- By identifying a leader's key qualifying and distinctive features, people consultancy service professionals hone them further for the leader to stand out and lead a better future in the company.

6. Mergers and Acquisitions- During a merger or acquisition, it is the employees of a company that usually take it hard upon themselves. Hence, a proper amount of training and preparatory guidelines must be mitigated to them to not experience an organizational shock.

From devising to implementing takes a lot of time, effort, and planning which is better done by highly experienced professionals.