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Buy Dental Equipment from Licensed Suppliers

Choosing the right supplier is the key to selecting the right equipment for your dental clinic. Not to forget, the dental supplies will decide the quality of your services, and it goes without saying, the higher the quality of the products more will be the ratio of satisfied customers. And what’s more, buying standard dental supplies is considered a one-time investment made to the services and will add to the clinical value.

Check the Suppliers Credentials

Dentists need to be careful while investing in the equipment and must ensure that the products are purchased from a reputed supplier. Reading reviews is one way, but it is not enough. They need to confirm if the supplier has been authorised to procure, import and sell medical equipment. An export and wholesale license along with registration of all Class B and above products with the Health Science Authority of Singapore verifies the quality and authenticity of the brands and equipment on sale.

Installation & Post-Purchase Service

Several suppliers not only deliver dental supplies in Singapore but also provide servicing staff and skilled engineers for installation and post maintenance. This way clinics are assured that regular maintenance will keep the equipment running smoothly, and if any problem occurs, experts will resolve the issue at the earliest.

Delivery & Shipping Charges

Sometimes, dental product suppliers charge an additional fee for shipping and delivery of to the destination location. However, this service is offered free of cost by many reputed suppliers, so make sure to visit one who does not charge additional delivery and shipping charges.

Return & Exchange Policy

While making a purchase, keep a check on return and exchange policy. In case, you have complaints about any tool you have received, or you discover that the product is not up to the mark, you can opt for return or exchange it immediately. Therefore, always check the refund policy and exchange terms.

Additional Services to be Expected!

The dental supplier should deliver products within the specified time frame. In case any product is not available immediately, the supplier should inform the buyer via call or official email. If the product involves installation, it must be done within an initial 48 hours or as instructed by the dentist. Check out if they offer financing options to make repayments for expensive equipment easy.

Should Have All The Information

All the equipment and dental supplies must include the instruction manual booklet. Alternatively, the supplier can arrange assistance from support staff via a call to answer any existing queries about the product being purchased online.

Check for Cap on Numbers

While buying syringes or other pharmaceutical material from an online store, check for the maximum number of units that you can purchase. Several suppliers impose a limitation on the units that can be purchased against each order within a specific duration of time. However, some suppliers do not impose restrictions on medical and pharmaceutical supplies.

In the end, it is recommended to purchase dental supplies from a supplier who possesses an extensive catalogue of equipment, making its store a one-stop solution for all your dental clinic requirements. Additionally, do not forget to check if they are authorised to retail dental supplies in Singapore. Look for special offers, deals and discount, particularly during holiday seasons to decrease the costs on your purchase.