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Blinds Supplier in Melbourne

Amaru is a premium supplier of awnings, curtains, shutters and blinds. The brand not only takes care of quality of the product it supplies, but also other aspects like safety of children, who are likely to come across the cords of blinds and curtains. Another major attraction of Amaru products is that they are available at competitive price.

Amaru is right place to buy window coverings. Choose wide selection of window blinds, shutters, awnings and curtains for residential and commercial properties.

Visit for more information on all types of window covering solutions for home and commercial purpose.

Window Covering New Year Offers : -

Curtains & Soft Romans - Upto 40% OFF

Plantation Shutters - Upto 35% OFF

Roller Blinds, Blockout & Sheer - Upto 50% OFF

Cellular Thermacell Blinds - Upto 40% OFF


Melbourne Location: Amaru Melbourne

Canberra Location: Blinds Canberra