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GigaPixel Image Shot with a7Rii

As a Landscape Photographer that specializes in Ultra Large - Ultra High Resolution GigaPixel images I purchased my Sony a7Rii for it's 42MP resolution to help increase the resolution of my images. I specialize in photos suitable for wall murals, movie set backgrounds and anywhere an Ultra Large image is needed. The above is one of the largest I have created thus far.

This shot was made evening of Oct. 2, 2016 about 8 miles out on County Road 9 south west of Ridgway, CO. The lingering rays of sunlight are illuminating mountain peaks along with Aspens and Scrub Oak. This is a HDR photo is made up of 81 HDR images consisting of 3 shot bracketed groups derived from a total of 243 images. This is the second largest photo I have shot to date and the largest HDR image I have ever shot. The only way to appreciate the tremendous detail of this image is to view it by copying the following link and viewing the Panotour.

Zooming in you will find cattle grazing on the hillside just below the group of golden Aspens at middle right edge.

This original un-cropped version of this panorama consists of 81 individual 42 mega-pixel HDR images shot with Sony a7Rii at f-16, 1/13th, 1/50th, & 1/3rd of a second and ISO 100 using a 70-200mm lens with 2x converter zoomed to 300mm. The 1:5 cropped image as shown is:

1.512 Gigapixels

86729 x 17440 pixels

289" x 58" 300 ppi

The positioning of the camera was done using a Gigapan Epic Pro. HDR image processing with Oloneo PhotoEngine and stitching with Kolor Autopano Giga 4.4. Panotour was done using Kolor Panotour Pro 2.0

Night Time Panoramas

The low noise capability of the a7rii has allowed me to also do night time panoramas. This image is titled "Moonless Night in Rocky Mountain National Park". This is the largest Night Panorama I have shot to date measuring 94" W x 62" H 300 ppi for a total of 520 Mega-pixels. It is made up of 42 individual, 42 mega-pixel images shot using Sony a7Rii, Sigma 24-70 mm f-2.8 lens @ 55 mm, f-2.8, 20 sec. ISO 3200. Camera mounted on Gigapan Epic Pro. Stitching was done using Kolor Autopano Giga 4.4.

The light pollution from Denver and YMCA Camp of the Rockies illuminates the South Eastern horizon. On this moonless night this light pollution slightly illuminates the northeastern face of Longs Peak and the foggy haze in the valleys. The Milky Way erupts from the peak of Flat Top Mountain on the West South Western horizon. Taken at the Beaver Meadows Overlook on Highway 34 this image starts at South South East on the left to due West on the right side.

Honaunau Bay Sunset - South Kona Hawaii, Hawaii

Christmas Eve 2016. Pu`uhonua o Honaunau National Historical Park. We had spent the afternoon snorkeling here and we waited for the sunset to shoot some photos. Located on the coast of Honaunau Bay in South Kona, Puuhonua o Honaunau immerses you in Hawaiian culture. This 180-acre national historic park was once the home of royal grounds and a place of refuge for ancient Hawaiian lawbreakers. Kapu, or sacred laws, were of utmost importance to Hawaiian culture and the breaking of kapu could mean death. A kapu-breaker's only chance for survival was to evade his pursuers and make it to a puuhonua, or a sacred place of refuge. Once there, a ceremony of absolution would take place and the law-breaker would be able to return to society.

This is a HDR panorama stitched using 10 HDR images dirived from a 5 shoot bracketed set shoot a f-20, ISO 160, 1/15th, 1/30th, 1/60th, 1/125th & 1/250th sec's using Sony a7Rii and Canon 70-200mm f-2.8 lens @ 70mm mounted to Gigapan Epic Pro

85 Mega-pixels

7019 x 21058 pixels

26" x 70" 300 ppi original image size

UHD 4K Video

One of the other features that drew me to the a7Rii is it's UHD 4K video capability. This video of Osprey Fledglings demonstrates it's great video capabilities. Shooting was done using Sigma 800mm lens, Canon 2x converter and Metabones adapter.

Time Lapse Videos

In addition to my Gigapixel photography I love the a7Rii for doing night timelapse videos. This video was shot in Rocky Mountain National Park 4/7/2016 using the Time Lapse App for the a7Rii, and a Canon 14mm f-2.8 lens. Image processing was done using Photoshop RAW to create jpg images and Sony Vegas Pro 13 to convert individual images into the time lapse video.

The Sony a7Rii has became my workhorse camera replacing my older Canon 5Diii. It's low light sensitivity along with high resolution has been a perfect fit for my style of photography.

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