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Reasons Behind The Increasing Use Of TMT Bars In Construction

TMT bars are the most trusted steel bars used nowadays for constructing buildings and concrete structures. Their unique properties has made them the ideal choice for various types of construction work. They are super ductile, have high level strength and weldability. The strength of these bars has a direct implication on the strength of the structure.

TMT bars are thermo mechanically treated with tempcore based technology for high yielding strength. As soon as the hot bars roll out of the mill they are quenched with a series of water jet. The bars are then left cool down and for the core and surface temperature for to equalize.

Variations in the type of bars

In India, we have four different grades of TMT available. The higher the grade number, the more is its strength and lesser elongation. The four grades available are:

Fe 415: used in areas with high instances of earthquake and corrosion.

Fe 500: used for buildings, bridges and other concrete structures.

Fe 550: used for construction that is exposed to humid coastal, marine or underground areas.

Fe 600: used for large construction purposes.

Flexibility of the bars

Due to the ductility of the steel, the bars have more elongation. Even after bending 180 degrees, the bars are able to sustain their shape. The best TMT bars do not develop cracks and therefore, makes them easy for transportation as well. Flexibility is an important quality for steel bars to withstand harshness and the load for a long period of time.

Corrosion resistance

How long a building will last is the major concern that most people have. The rust has higher volume than steel and corrosion results in cracking of the construction due to rust. The corrosion resisting property of TMT bars helps in this case as it determines the strength and durability of the building. Having to withstand harsh weather conditions and environmental situations, it is important for the steel to be rust-resistant.

Fire resistance

A major point of concern for builders and architects pertains to fire safety. TMT bars are the best option in this regard as they are completely fire resistant and can withstand temperatures of up to 400˚-600˚C.


TMT bars are inexpensive and result in bringing down the cost of construction to a great extent. Working on large projects like constructing bridges, dams, and tall buildings needs to be managed monetarily also. Builders and architects then look for the best options for inexpensive material without affecting the quality. In such cases, using good quality steel, like Jindal TMT bars, serves the purpose.

TMT bars have gained priority over all other options for construction and rightly so, as they prevent the buildings from major issues and concerns that need to be avoided.