Jun 22, 2017 4

A Camera for Today and Tomorrow.

I was in the market for a new DSLR Camera and had written down a list of the tings I needed it to be able to do, great video and hi-resolution photographs. I went shopping a local camera shop proprietor listened carefully to the things I was looking for and although I was leaning towards a competitor, he recommended the Sony A-65.

With this camera, I have done some great video work that has actually gotten me noticed on the local political scene and more importantly, I have been able to photograph and record for history some of the personalities and moments in the political life of our city. Many of these images are headed for the Virginia Beach Library Archives for future generations.

I also use it to record our city, it's landmarks and it's people in the time we lived and after my passing, all of my photos will be donated to the library for future generations to enjoy.

That's what photography means to me and I'm glad that my Sony is equal to the task.