Jun 23, 2017 26

Two years and learning more!

I first cut my teeth on a second-hand Petri 35mm camera and learned the basics before graduating to a Canon A-1 and acquired various lenses.  Family and career interrupted my photography until I was attracted to mirrorless cameras that promised the advantages of digital without the bulk of a DSLR and, as a bonus, were able to use my legacy glass.  It didn't take much investigation to convince me that Sony had struck a winning balance of performance and cost with the introduction of the A6000.  I initially bought the A6000 Black Body with the SEL50F18/B OSS lens as well as several manual adapters to mount Canon lenses from my SLR days.  It was a blast to once again experience lenses I had valued so much.  These 'old friends' proved just as sharp and capable as they had 30 or more years ago!   And the peaking function made sharp manual focusing a snap.   Eventually I purchased a Nikon 70-200 from an estate sale which the original owner had bought for a safari to South Africa and later travel in Europe.  That lens had stories to tell and I used it to capture more!

Eventually I needed a longer lens and purchased a Tamron 70-300 Alpha Mount and the LA-EA4 adapter.  This was the lens I took to Florida in the Spring to learn the skills of Birding.  Some of my best shots were taken at Gatorland which I visited when the babies were still in the nests.

I look forward to more adventures as my Sony gives me the confidence to tackle and master new skills.