Jan 12, 2018 14

Davis home in Boulder, CO

I believe I was one of the first Stem customers.  We had just moved into our newly renovated home in Boulder, CO, with a large empty living-room.  I knew I wanted a sectional that would fit our contemporary design, but I had a A LOT of requirements.  I wanted down, not foam.  No flame retardants or chemicals.  Made in the USA. I didn't want the seats too deep as I'm 5'4".  I wanted the seats wide so everyone had adequate personal space.  I wanted the back to be low.  The tops of the cushions had to clear the windowsills. I wanted piping on the cushions. The sectional had to be very sturdy as my boys (ages 3 and 4 at the time) liked to bounce and were rough on furniture.  I drove to Denver a half dozen times, visiting every furniture store. I flew to Seattle and Los Angeles looking for my perfect sectional.  It did not exist. 

Then I found Stem Goods.  Laura helped to design my perfect sectional.  Justin kept me up to date on its construction, including photos.  Delivery was seamless.  And my sectional, now nearly two years old, is still perfect. 

My boys, now 5 and 6, still jump on it.  They find the cushions are excellent for making forts. 

Best of all, when my friends compliment me on my sectional, I can email them the design and tell them to have it made by Stem Goods.