Aug 22, 2018 0

Coworking Spaces – A Reason to Celebrate Work

“Coworking is a style of work that involves shared working environment,” per Wiki. At the same time, we believe that coworking is such a broad concept that it can’t be described in a single definition. Coworking spaces for us is not only about sharing the work space with other people or organisations, it is based on the beautiful idea of ‘co-existing’, which means, living or growing together in peace and harmony.

It’s said that the roots of coworking spaces go back over a decade ago, when Brad Neuberg first started the first coworking space in San Francisco with the basic idea to combine the independence of freelancing with the structure of an office space for rent, since then the idea has evolved into a beautiful reality. And now, almost every metropolitan city in the world is blooming with this idea where coworking spaces in Mumbai are no different with now over 100 coworking spaces now in the Mumbai metro area. Mind you, a few years ago there were probably fewer than ten coworking spaces in Mumbai.

The biggest advantage of working in a co-working space is that one is surrounded by ideas, and ideas have the potential to reproduce faster than anything else – in short ideas are the foundation and inspiration of any business, anywhere. Another benefit of coworking spaces is that you likely will get to learn a lot, from people of all walks of life, religions and race. Not to mention that working at coworking space will allow you to make a number of contacts and potentially even new clients.

The bottom line is that at an ideal coworking space, you and your firm can grow in many different ways given the benefits of co-existing in the same office space for rent. And that’s what life and business should be about, growth!

We will end this by saying sole proprietorship or entire organisations could benefit greatly from the co-existing nature of a coworking space. A co-working space could easily be the place (Jagaha!) where you will grow and celebrate work, a place where your ambitions and business will take a breath of sanity and prosperity.

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