Jul 05, 2017 168

Exploring Glaciers, Mountains And Underwater World Using Sony RX100

A couple years ago, I took a wilderness travel course to learn how to camp, backpack and rock scramble. I was then attracted to the beauty of mountains and the stunning landscape that I saw. 

Wanting to share this experience with my friends and family, I decided to capture what I saw with a camera. 

Carrying a heavy DLSR and backpacking 10 miles or more per day was no fun. I needed a light and small camera that could produce good image quality. 

At that time, there were not too many options. 

Only Canon and Sony had something close to what I desired. 

After a lot of researches, I decided to go down to the Sony path and picked up the RX100. 

This decision had a significant impact on the journey of my life.

Going further back in time, I was a scuba diver. After a year or so into diving, I stopped doing it. I didn't spear fishes or catch lobsters. It was not clear to me what I could do underwater. I told myself that this was it for my diving career.

But life was full of interesting turns.

Soon after I acquired the RX100, I was searching on the internet for tips and tricks. One day I stumbled on an article talking about using RX100 in underwater photography. The results were amazing.

Still I didn't take any action immedately. The reason was that for safety sake, you needed a diving buddy and most of friends had stopped diving. However, the idea to capture the underwater worlds using a RX100 kept on lingering my mind. I asked myself what I could do to make it happened.

I decided to go back to the diving community on the internet to see if other people had the same dilema. Sure enough, a lot of people were in the same boat and the solutions were to join a dive club or did underwater surveys with charity organizations.

Without a second thought, I looked into charity organizations that did underwater surveys and signed up for survey trips. And the rest is history.

Not only do I learn more about the underwater environment, but also help many universities and research institutes to understand our ocean better. 

Those survey trips had taken me all over the worlds and to places that I didn't even know they existed.

I would have never imagined that a camera would have such an impact. 

Now I always take my Sony RX100 with me no matter where I go since I don't want to miss the chance to capture any moment in my life.