Aug 16, 2017 883

SMALL SPACE MOVIE NIGHT         LSPX-P1 Projector - Featured on

We love our little jewel-box of a home. It has plenty of little nooks, shelves and cozy corners for us to fill with treasures and lots of plants, but the size does come with certain challenges. We never wanted a TV to be the focal point of any room, but on occasion, I certainly enjoy zoning out and watching bad T.V. (or good movies) after a long day — and yes, sometimes I even want to watch from bed so that I can be *that* lazy (and that cozy). We found our small space solution in the Sony* Portable Ultra Short Throw Projector. In the above pic, we nestled it among our planties (behind the shade!), pulled the shade down and all the sudden our bedroom is a mini movie theater. Amazing.

With the short-throw projector, you can watch your favorite movies or view photos anywhere – it’s wireless, lightweight and can project on any wall, floor or table surface you choose–and unlike a traditional projector, it doesn’t have to be placed far away from the wall it’s projecting onto. You can see the cute little thing in the above pic. It’s that little white box on the kitchen counter–and it’s projecting that digital clock right above it! When you aren’t catching up on Game of Thrones, you can pre-install images or slideshows to liven up your wall, share pics with friends from a recent trip or project patterns on the wall to see what they’d look like as wallpaper–if you’re into that type of thing ;).

As a family, our favorite use for it so far has been spending time with our l’il boo under her bunk bed, projecting the solar system onto the wall – teaching her about the stars and planets. It’s a game changer for our little Jungalow! To learn more about the Sony’s new Portable Ultra Short Throw Projector which is part of Sony’s Life Space UX collection, head here.

*Product received c/o Sony and LaRue PR. Photos by J. Blakeney