May 02, 2018 2

Relocating Your life to Bulgaria

There are times where we find ourselves in situations where we have to relocate from our hometown. The reason for doing so varies. While some of us are globetrotters who travel the world for exploration or as a hobby, others have to relocate for personal reasons such as family or work-related matters. Relocating overseas can be hectic. Unlike moving from one block or town to another, a move overseas requires thorough preparations.

Different countries have different regulations when one wants to settle there. For instance, if you are moving to Bulgaria, customs require that you provide an employment letter from a Bulgarian company (work permit). The letter has details of the how long you worked for the firm outside Bulgaria among other things. You will also need a Letter of Attorney that is notarized. Such a letter has particulars about people that you have hired to act on your behalf. A signed inventory will also have to be submitted to the customs. You will also need to have a residential visa and a passport.

Early preparations are vital. It is advisable that you consult with the embassy and ask any questions that you may have instead of relying on travel sites. Although tourism sites might be helpful, the information on the site may be outdated or inaccurate. Any information you get from the embassy will always be useful and reliable.

When moving overseas, you might find that you have personal and household items that you treasure and cannot afford to leave behind. While most countries will require that you pay taxes and duties on your household goods, Bulgaria does not. However, there are some exemptions. Personal goods such as computers are not exempt from taxes and duties. You also need to know that some items are exempt up to a certain level in terms of weight or quantity. Duty will apply if such items exceed a certain amount of weight or quantity. Such items include gold, silver jewelry, tobacco products and alcohol.

Most people are attached to their vehicles for one reason or another. They always want to relocate with their cars but import or tax duties weigh them down. The good news is that Bulgaria does not charge you when you relocate with your car. However, for you to relocate with your car and not be taxed, you must have used your car for at least six months prior to relocation. (Your car must be six months old) To prove this, you must provide the vehicles receipt and title. As long as you are not establishing a temporary residence in the country, you will not pay tax on your car.

When you are looking for a shipping company to handle your goods, there are several factors that you should consider. The most important factor to consider is the shipping rates. Shipping rates are determined by several factors. They include the size and weight of the shipment, delivery methods, insurance, the urgency of shipping your goods, fuel prices and if the country you are shipping your goods is on a major shipping route.

Make sure that you have prepared in terms of insurance. Let your insurance company know that you are moving overseas. You may also need to purchase a marine insurance cover for shipment purposes. Other than that, make sure that you are eligible for health coverage. Choose an insurance policy that best suits you. International health insurance policies are always the best.