May 15, 2017 170

In the Pottery Studio

The RX100 has been a perfect solution for documenting my work in the pottery studio. Its sensor handles the challenging lighting well, with plenty of headroom for adjustment. The combination of versatile zoom range and tilting screen allows me to capture a variety of perspectives.

Photographing my work gives me a visual record of how it evolves over time. I share my photographs on social media to keep family and friends updated, and to introduce new people to my work.

I captured these neti pots when they were just thrown, fully assembled, and fresh from the glaze kiln.

The studio offers a variety of backdrops (the blackboard is a favorite) for more casual or composed shots.

I was able to capture the interior detail of these teapots, as well as a shot of them waiting for a bisque firing on a rather dark shelf.

The compact size of the RX100 makes it easy to take one handed action shots, like this one of me lowering a large vase into a glaze bucket.