Jul 27, 2018 1008

JEGS Jumper Cables

You can't do much with a dead battery. JEGS Jumper Cables are simple to use on all cars, trucks, vans, SUV and motorcycles. The heavy-duty 4-Gauge cable spans 25 feet to give you ample reach when jump-starting a vehicle. The color-coded cables are tangle-free and feature fully shielded clamps with copper plated jaws. Clamps are designed to use on top-post and side-terminal batteries. Shipped to you neatly packaged in a handy storage case for traveling or your car emergency kit. 


  • 25 Feet, 500 Amp Capacity, 4-Gauge
  • Fully shielded clamps
  • Copper plated jaws
  • Durable molded wire cable
  • Color coded cables
  • Storage case included