Jun 12, 2018 1852

JEGS Engine Break-In Oil

The first startup of any engine is critical to its performance. Engine builders and performance enthusiasts have grown increasingly concerned that many motor oils do not provide adequate wear protection for new and rebuilt engines. JEGS has addressed this issue with their Break-In Oil. Formulated to allow optimal ring seal and protection of rotating assembly components from initial start up wear. JEGS combines highly refined mineral oil, preferred for engine break-in, with additives containing high levels of zinc and phosphorus to provide maximum protection during initial engine break-in. This lubricant allows the engine to reach its full performance potential by improving the surface mating of vital areas in the engine. JEGS Break-In Oil is fully formulated and does not require the use of any other chemical additives. 


  • Get maximum compression with maximum horsepower
  • Ideal for preparing metal surfaces
  • Protects all internal engine components, including flat tappet and roller valvetrains
  • High Zinc Formula
  • Good to break-in at up to 1000 miles
  • Guarantees separation of critical mating surfaces
  • Provides a protective seal
  • Fully compatible with gasoline, methanol, and high-octane race fuels
  • Use for new & rebuilt engines during the pivotal break-in process
  • 10W-30 & 20W-50 quarts available

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