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How To Add Code In WordPress Header And Footer Section?

Are you wondering how can add code in the WordPress header and footer sections? For adding code snippets to your WordPress website’s header and footer, you need several tools, as well as tracking scripts, require you, however, by default, WordPress doesn’t allow it very available for editing those files.

In this article, I can show you how to add code to the WordPress footer and header section both by utilizing a WordPress plugin. For most users, the plugin technique is the suggested way.

Not only is it tremendously simple as well as easy to utilize without a lot of confusing options, the major benefit is that despite having to utilize large diverse plugins for adding several scripts to your header and footer you might just add them in on the place.

For most users, the simplest way to add code to the WordPress header and footer is via a plugin.

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Easy Steps for Adding Code to WordPress Footer and Header via a Plugin

Your code snippets would stay in¬¬¬¬tact if you switch themes still. The plugin helps it easy for adding code snippets to the footer or header of your homepage, which may be useful for various uses.

The plugin is more end-user friendly since it doesn’t need a code. While there are numerous plugins that offer these features, we will suggest the Footer, Header as well as Post Injections plugin it provides you more control than many of the alternatives.

Step: 1

Just Install Footer, Header and Post Injections as well as Activate

Footer, Header as well as Post Injections is accessible for at, free, so you may easily install as well as directly activate it from your WordPress dashboard after going to Plugins → Add New and search for it.

Step: 2

Now you have to Add Code Snippet to Footer, Header and Post Injections

After activating the plugin, you may easily get its interface with go to Settings → Footer as well as Header in your WordPress dashboard. Now you can easily see a number of tabs in the plugin’s interface. However, for this guide, you’ll mainly work in the default Head as well as footer tab.

For inserting code to your website’s header, you should require to paste it into one of the <HEAD> SECTION INJECTION.

Every page just inserts the code snippet to the header on every web page on your website.

Merely homepage – You have to add the code snippet to the header of your website’s homepage.

I am giving you an example like if you want to add the “Google Analytics tracking code” to WordPress, you have to paste it into every page and save it.

BONUS – You have to insert Code to Footer and Header AMP Pages of Google

Another important about this useful plugin is, utilizing Google AMP for WordPress Web Design Services, the plugin helps you particularly insert code snippets to the footer and header of the Google AMP versions of your web pages - if you are utilizing the official AMP plugin from Automatic.

To perform it, head to the AMP tab in Footer as well as Header and just paste your code snippet into the suitable box.

If you simply require fir inserting various PHP Development functions on the website-wide basis, we can suggest checking out the free “Code Snippets plugin”. It eliminates the requirement for adding custom snippets to your theme’s functions.php file. It now has over fifty thousand active installs with a five-star rating.