Jun 28, 2017 8

Lost at Nagsasa Cove

Travel on Land

Cavite to Manila. Manila to Pampanga. Pampanga to Olongapo. Olongapo to San Antonio, Zambales.

Was it worth the wait and pain? Definitely yes. The six-hour-ride to this place is one of the longest trips we had, yet we will never trade this for anything.

Morning Grind

As the sun starts to rise, another day for these people begins. As early as five in the morning, we could hear indistinctive sounds of men and women as they prepare the boats and the "pasalubong" (food that the tourists can bring home) they are offering. At six am, everyone was ready to set for a new adventure in the sea.

Island Hopping

Water rides in the amusement parks are nothing compared to this one. Using a tiny boat, it literally felt like we were hopping from one island to another because of the huge waves in the sea during that time. Though it was a little bit scary, everything felt surreal as we saw the majestic view of the sun as it rises from the horizon in front of us.

Top of the World

The ten-minute trek to the top is worth it. When we were there, we could hear people shouting, releasing all the pain in their hearts. There were also couples hugging each other as if they were renewing their vows. Families have gathered to take photos of a once in a lifetime experience. Indeed, reaching this top of the world, and looking to this stunning view refreshed not only our souls but also our minds that were once troubled by the hustle bustle of the city.

What a Wonderful World

No one else can create a master piece like this. We owe this to you,O Lord!

Simple Joys

As they were watching the tourists having fun under the sun, these kids are enjoying their time eating "sorbetes" under the shade of big rocks. As we were standing there, we could see the radiating simple joys from their eyes and smiles.


Manong told us that this is an addition to his collection of "bangkas". It will take him three weeks to finish this one.

Seeing him cautiously builds this "Bangka" makes us proud of our beloved "bangkeros". They are not only hardworking but also dedicated to making the tourists' adventure fun and safe at the same time.

Connecting Flight

Going home is one of the saddest parts of travelling. This bridge connects the “bayan” of San Antonio, Zambales and the island of Pundaquit. As we were passing, it felt like we were finally bidding our farewell to the paradise that helped us regain our senses. Now we are ready to face reality again.

Love at First Sight

Every place we go to is a haven for lost people like us. Nothing beats an adventure spent with the person that matters the most.

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