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Lost at El Nido, Palawan

Palawan, the biggest province in the Philippines, is home to three major beautiful islands- El Nido, Coron, and Puerto Princesa. Based on several reviews, Palawan is one of the best tourist destinations not only in the country, but also around the world.

We have been waiting for this chance that we could visit this place. Since we could only afford one destination, we decided to travel to El Nido.

Sea Stop

Never have we ever saw a sari-sari store in the middle of the sea. This floating store offers not only food but also a place to relax and enjoy the majestic view of the Snake Island. If you wish to do Kayaking, you may also want to rent one of their boats

Snake Island

No. There are no snakes in this island. It is called as such because once the current from the other side becomes stronger, it makes the sand bar form a curve. On top of the mountain, you will see that with the elongated and curved form, the sand bar looks like a snake.


What a great way to end the day! El Nido Island offers a beautiful sunset, and a night market. Everyone is savouring the delicious food, especially the huge and freshly caught fish from the sea. After a tiring day of tour, ending your day in this place is just perfect.

Like Father, Like Son

In the new generation today, it is rare to see children bond with their parents. Here, a father is teaching his son how to catch fish using a “pisi” (thin rope). After a long day in school this is how a child should bond with his or her parents.

Turo- turo

Prices in this island are quite high (“Presyong Turista”). Luckily, we found this stall. Here, you have a wide variety of “turo-turo”. From dynamite, fishball, kikiam, hotdog, kwek-kwek, and a lot more. For just 50 pesos, you will be already full!


If you wish to buy pasalubong, choose from those stores far from the beach area. Same products, but in much lower prices. However, if you want unique but expensive pasalubongs, choose from those stores steps away from the shoreline. 

Road to Heaven

The roads in Palawan are wide enough for traffic to be light. If you are in the front seats, it may seem that you are heading to heaven because there are no other vehicles on the other lane, and the roads literally look like they will lead you above.


In every tour, the guides will prepare a sumptuous meal for everyone. Every day, it seems that the tourists are having a feast in the middle of the sea. Here, you will have a taste of El Nido’s fresh fruits, fish, and all kinds of sea food.


It was definitely scary at first, but once you get used to balancing yourself and paddling, you will realize that you can do Kayaking. It was one of the most wonderful experiences since you get to spend a moment with yourself alone, or with another company while seeing the picturesque view of the lagoons in El Nido.

Our Own

Nope, this is not in Bahamas, nor in Maldives. This crystal clear waters is our own. 7 Commando Islands is definitely one of the most beautiful beaches in the Philippines. 


Tour guides of the different travel agencies ensure not only your safety, but also your fun. They do not just take care of you and tour you around El Nido. These men also make everyone, even the tourists, feel at home in this beautiful country of ours. 


It is the fear of closed, and small places. Some people may have this. But once you have tried conquering this fear, nothing can stop you from enjoying any kind of adventure that life will offer. In Tour B, you can get the chance to face your biggest nightmare and enjoy the beautiful rock formation inside Cudugnon Cave.

Under the Sea

One of the activities tourists will surely appreciate is snorkelling. The deep blue waters of El Nido is home to a rich ecosystem. You have the opportunity to fulfil your dream to become a mermaid and be one of the different species of fish swimming and playing in the stunning coral reefs.

I would not mind being lost in an island if I am with you. Here’s to new memories and moments we will treasure for a lifetime. 

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