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Keep Your Brand Name Intact With Live Chat Software

Live chat support software is an online web service that enables organizations to communicate through a live chat with customers. Website live chat software allows an immediate feedback to customer’s questions and concerns while going through the site as the chats are in real time.

The application has a built-in help desk, and it's enabled with web analytic capabilities to ensure instant communication with web visitors. It is an instant messenger that pops out as small window mostly at the bottom of a web page with a message urging the customer to ask questions if they have any concerns that need to be addressed.

It is evident that a lot of operations are now digitalized, and businesses have discovered that there is a lot potential with online customers. Most operations can be done through phones, tablets, and smartphones which are now a must with the majority of the population.

Most brands are now striving to have an impact on their online customers and live chat service can serve as tool to promote, market, and create brand awareness to the website visitors. It is a channel that creates a significant interaction between a customer and an organization with high chances of turning a web page visitor to a regular customer.

Here are ways in which a live chat can be used to create brand awareness to a wider market

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A Welcoming Message from Sales Agent

Live chat software is one of the best opportunities to deliver excellent customer service for it allows direct interaction with a potential customer who already has interest in your service and products. However, having a live chat on your website is not a guarantee that everyone will use it.

It is therefore important to increase interactions and create brand awareness by being proactive and reaching out to your web visitors. Some people may have a hard time asking questions or just clicking on the chat button to start a conversation. Make it easy for them by being the first one to reach out.

Customized Chat Widget

A chat widget is one tool that you can turn around to advertise and promote your brand. You can customize the chat widget to carry the colors that reflect your company theme with a welcoming message that promotes your brands.

Customers need to have a real connection with your brand, and sometimes even a simple photo of sales agents placed on the live chat widget may draw a client's interest to chat.

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Assured Availability

Having a live chat that sends out a message that you are not available may not work well for your brand. However, customers like to feel that they can get assistance anytime they reach out.

It is important to avail sales agent who can access the chats from multiple devices such a mobile phones, tablets by creating an in-app that enables them to chat with customers even when out of office. Availability to your customers is crucial for it boosts their trust in your brand by assuring them that you can be reached anytime to help.


Live chats, if well utilized by an organization; they can contribute to increased interactions with your customers leading to higher number of a sales and brand awareness. It helps you to know about your client's needs and their expectations giving you room to improve on your brand to meet your customers need.

By customizing your live chat widget and reaching out to web visitors, you create a better customer experience that gives your brand name a boost and increased company’s conversions.